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Book now on kindle here is link

This is a lovely book, written by a lovely person. I would like to see it made compulsory reading in all schools. Children should be learning more about these things - perhaps they'd become nicer people if they did! Looking forward to Janine's next book. TRISH
your book was wonderful i couldnt put it down well done you! take care and hope to see you very soon for another reading as youve been spot on so far! julia x
I hope this book will sell really well and be read by as many people as possible, because I feel our World would be a nicer place for animals and humans if more people understood that animals can and want to communicate with us JANEY.
I really couldnt wait to read Janine's book as I had had previous experience of her gift! It was interesting to read about when she first discovered she could communicate with animals and the many she has helped over the years.I just couldnt put this book down until I had read it all it was FANTASTIC. TERESA
I had to wait to get my copy of this book because it was out of stock, I do hope that means that this lovely little book is selling really well.

I have horses, dogs and cats amongst my own menagerie and have always thought I was on a good wavelength with my animals, I now know differently...

In the book Janine recounts some of the childhood and life events that brought her to where she is now, she also tells the stories of different animals she has come into contact and communicated with, I found reading about these communications inspiring, touching and somewhat emotional. Also In the book are two chapters that I think are invaluable for those of us who want to help and communicate with our own animals.

I hope this book will sell really well and be read by as many people as possible, because I feel our World would be a nicer place for animals and humans if more people understood that animals can and want to communicate with us. JANEY
I loved this book, it was so easy to read. I read the whole thing the first night it arrived! Really insightful with lots of helpful tips and hints. Made me think about my relationship with my animals and make some changes for the better. Tried some communication for the first time and have had some success too, not bad for someone who was a little sceptical a few months ago! Enjoyed reading and can't wait for the next one! If I had one criticism it'd be that I would like it to have been bigger and longer as I didn't want it to end! A fabulous read for any animal lover! Highly recommend! PONY GIRL
I read it in a sitting.It made me laugh out loud and cry.A must read for everyone, esp animal lovers.J
Couldnt put this book down once i had started it, its full of lovely and often very sad accounts of Janine's communications with animals. A must for every animal lover. WHISPER

The first part of the book is a quick biography of Janine. I think its nice to learn a little bit about the people behind the gift. The rest of the book is a collection of stories on how Janine has helped animals around the world. A heartwarming read for anyone :@) J9WOW

i met Janine forst with a friend, whose pony i am loaning. i didnt know any thing about her then but as i stood just in her company i thought wow what's with that lady, something about her. then she did a reading on a horse i was thinking of loaning. not through me but through another friend. i eventually went on one her horse communication workshops. it was really interesting and opened up a whole new world for me. i bought her book as soon as i could and read it from cover to cover in one sitting! it is so east to read, honest and fascinating. how wonderful to have such a gift, so naturally......i nly hope i can gan at least some of her knowledge. Thanks Janine for sharing your experiences. KERRIE
A lovely book which I read from start to finish in one go. Janine explains how she uses her gift and explains how we can learn to do it too. If you are interested in animals it is certainly worth reading.ANGELA
This was a lovely book and I could not put it down. If you really want to know more about communication with animals then this is the book to read. I had a reading for one of my horses by Janine Wilbraham and it was an amazing experience to be given accurate details and learn information that helped me in my relationship with my horse. CAROLINE

This book arrived on Friday and I had read it by Saturday! Couldnt put it down! A worthwhile intriguing read for any animal owner. As an owner of horses and dogs, we are always looking to ways to better understand our animals, are they happy? What troubles them? If only they could talk... this book opens your eyes. TC 
An enchanting book, which I thorougly enjoyed. Janine writes about her life and experiences as an Animal Communicator and Psychic in an easy to read and down to earth manner. Heartwarming and thought provoking, if you love animals or are interested in this subject - give it a go!! KATIE

There are some sad stories in the case studies where the author was unable to help an animal in need, but unfortunately that is part of life and is something that has to be dealt with from time to time. There are also many stories of success and happiness. Overall, a great read and great value. Mrs Macey 'Sian'