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Janine, I had a short telephone reading with you recently and I found it so helpful, I am looking forward to seeing what comes to pass in the coming months! When I first spoke to you to arrange my reading your openness and honesty shone through and I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I am looking forward to having a more in depth reading in the near future and some of your lovely healing also! I've not met you Janine but I know you are a lovely, caring honest lady with a great gift! xxx Eileen (phone reading)

Hi Janine

Just to let you know that the reading i had on Tuesday evening, as predicted my partner got a job, which happened the next day. Also the house we are trying to rent, which you said would rent, we found someone today, which was two days later. You have always been very accurate and precise with my readings i have had from you. You have helped me through some very difficult times, which i am grateful. I would highly recommend you to my friends and anyone as i have had many readings from different people with yourself being the most accurate i have had readings from. The healing that you also send out is very well received not only by myself, but also my cat who has been very stressed out. with many thanks for your guidance Helen W wales

was desperate my 5 year old mare  had an infection in her foot and the pedal bone was involve the vest called me sayig she needed putting down. I asked them to give me 2 ays  and i contacted Janine for healing  when the  2days wee up i rang the vet who said i shold come and sigen the paper work that was 9 am I told them i wuld call on my wya home form work at 6 pm when  i arrived at the vets my horse had made remarkable recoevry she turned the corner at mid day and the vet no longer wnated to destroy her she has gone form strngth to strength as janine continued to work her healing.Her hoof and foot wree a mess and i was told she wil be in for many months  but janine healing has even made her hoof grow quicker than expected. Thank  you so much  JLx

i had a reading with the lovely janine who gave me validations regarding my other half, where the relationship is at and where it is going what is happening and what will happen....i also needed to ask a ? regarding somebody else and ii got the answer to that to....i find janine to be a great psychic who has always been spot on with whats shes told me...keep you posted with the lastest developments love and light xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I've had a few readings before from Janine and they have always been spot on but now that I have a dog one of her other among many gifts is now utilised by me as she is a fab animal communicator!
Janine has not only given me validation from my dog but told me when I asked about our dog test that if we put the work in we would pass and that my dog would like sausages for after. Well with only a week to go we put in the work and passed and the sausages that my dog already new I had in the freezer before I had my reading with Janine were pulled out for her jackpot reward. Did I mention my dog also told Janine she wasn't looking forward to an injection, her booster is just under a month away! A lovely wonderful lady if you have any pet issues give her a call and be prepared to be blown away! Catherine (39), North Wales
 Had my first reading with Janine today and what a lovely lady, she made me feel very relaxed and I throughly enjoyed my accurate reading so much so I could if chatted to her for ages.  I promise to do as your guides have suggested and play it cool and not txt him back so much, it's going to be hard lol but l know I can do it. :) Thank you so much for your guidance, I will be back for an update Sandra South Shields.
 thank you so much Janine excellent reading be back in the new yr. AG Manchester.
 via email reading)This reading answered many of my questions and no doubt Janine is a genuine clairvoyant. I also feel optimistic and looking forward to what`s coming from this reading."M.R Oslo (Norway)
 I have had two readings with Janine and both have been very accurate and astonishing.  My last reading i had with Janine she said i would have another baby soon and that it would be a boy, well i didnt know at the time but i was pregnant already and then we found out i am indeed expecting a boy.  Janine also said i would be changing my job but there would be a delay in starting.  Well i had applied to do my midwifery and a few weeks after i had been to see janine i was accepted to start this september, but seeing as i would be expecting a baby a few months after starting they have held my post for me to start next year, which i am delighted about.  There have been many other accurate things that janine has said about my past and predicted for the future, and even my dad who is a sceptic went to see her and was blown away, which shows that Janine is the ' real macoy' !  Please go and see her, you will not be disappointed!!

 Hi Janine,
I hope u'll get to read this, Now i believe there's a psychic for everyone, one who just gets you, one who just links into you. Like i said yesterday during the reading i had with you, my head is still hot by the amount of information you gave, each one absolutely spot on.I have to share..Janine told me things about someone i am interested in..i was just left mouth-agape. First she described the situation perfectly, all she asked for was our star signs and off she went..she told me how he has been..totally accurate..then she told me not to ask anyone to approach him for me..this had already happened(my friend did)..the she said ''did he give me some kind of numer''..True, he came me his pin which wasnt a telephone number..i told Janine i had added him to my list but he didnt accept even though he gave me the pin..then Janine said ''Add him again, this time he will''..i wasnt sure because the last time i waited a whole week and he didnt. Janine assured me to, leave it on for 10days and if he doesnt,delete it. After the reading..i added him again, went to bed and before i woke up ''HE HAD ACCEPTED'' Something i previously did for a whole week...i would never have tried again if not for Janine.
This lady didnt just tell me what was happening, she told me why..she told me EXACTLY how things were, for 12minutes, not one thing she said was incorrect or irrelevant to my current situation.
Sorry to go on and on but you are indeed a rare gem..i havent been able to break a smile for week, i couldnt even sleep properly, my heart was so heavy, after speaking to u, i slept for a record ''13hours'' and i feel refreshed and full of life again.
Olarh Essex 
 had numerous readings over the years with other psychics and to be honest did not think a phone reading would work. I was amazed so thanks very much it is all becoming very clear now and unfolding just as you said, also thanks very much for the message from Auntie Maureen it was lovely getting her message and so so true. you gave me so much  and I will be back in touch in the near future.
many thanks JO
 'Thank you so much for your reading. It has helped me a lot and made me very happy. Thank you again. A.'

  very many thanks for my reading with you, it brought clarity and helped me cope with the loss of my mother to the spirit world you really do have a gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart the things you told me from my mother were so correct and it has helped me. thank you in love. Joanna, Australia.
 have just had my 4th reading with Janine and cant thank her enough through all the stages you have helped and you were spot on wow wow wow, is all I can say.  E. Davies Llandovery.
                                    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I can't recommend Janine enough. She has helped me on more than one occasion and the advice she has given me in her readings has made me feel stronger and able to deal with the problems and difficulties I was facing. She is spookily accurate! Thank you, Janine! KS, Hampshire.
 It was amazing how she came up with Mr Right , even down to his occupation & where he lived . We are now living together very happily . I think Janine must have felt like giving up with me sometimes tho!! G.Shropshire

'Thank you so much for your reading. It has helped me a lot and made me very happy. Thank you again. A.'

I was amazed after receiving my past life reading. I couldn't believe how accurate it all was and how much it related to aspects of my life now. I will definitely be calling on Janine for help in the future!
KS, Hampshire.

Thank you so much for your reading. It has helped me a lot and made me very happy. Thank you again. A.'

Hi Janine,
Just had a reading with you regarding loss of job..your voice and the way you comfort is so healing. I am feeling better now. Thank You so much. Have a good weekend. Love & Light. Parul x
 "I would really like to thank you for the reading it really was very accurate. I have been going through a difficult time in my relationship and you have really helped. Not only did you help with the relationship but also gave some excellent insight into why it happened and also what could happen in the future. I wish I could do what you do it really is such an excellent ability." P.
 To Janine  Thank you very much for your reading it rang very true and has really helped me. Many thanks again.Emma

''Hi Janine, this is my first reading with you; however my Daughter has had a couple of readings with you previously. We were very grateful for your quick response with both our readings. Your readings for both my Daughter and myself were very accurate and we could relate to what you had said. You mentioned that My Mother was a character and indeed she was. You also mentioned connections with the forces and a visit to Ireland which was accurate also. We are going to take your suggestion and plant bluebells for my Mother (which she loved). We look forward to further readings, many thanks Janine.''
Feedback from Anna (Daughter) ''Hi Janine, many thanks for my reading. I found it very reassuring and we plan to plant the bluebells (which she loved) for my Nain as you suggested. Take care, A''

Thirty years ago I was told I would have to be in a wheelchair for life with a 'Degenerating disc disease'. I refused to give in to this and am still quite an active person. This said, every morning over these years I awake with severe pain in my back and difficulty in standing straight.  Since my healing I have woken completely pain free, and it is wonderful. My thanks are not enough to a remarkable and truly nice lady.
Thank you Janine and god bless. xxx

Hi Janine, 
Thank you so much for my reading that I just had with you today at 2pm.  Very accurate in every possible way! I have a a handful of female friends that are also very interested in having readings and I will most certainly pass your details to them as your reading was one of the best I have every had!
Thanks again, I'll defiantly be calling you again for future readings and so pleased
Janine, You gave me the fantastic reading last night - I have purchased another reading for a dear friend of mine. 

Her names is Julianne and she will be ringing you today to confirm a time to speak.Kindest regards Layla


the house is now quiet and we are all relaxed after you did the entity removal the healing you did not me was lovely after and at last we are all getting on now our 'visitor as left'.!! 
Dear Janine
I had a telephone reading with you a about a couple of months ago & you predicted that i would hear from the Health Trainer position, as someone will pull out. I had a phone call yesterday from the Coordinator & she offered me a Health Trainer Trainee position pending on crb & medical checks, as one of the ladies had to back out for one reaon or another, so i'm very pleased & thankyou for predicting this & it coming true. 
Thankyou very much Kind Regards Louise from Thetford 
Hi Janine
I would like to thank you so much for fitting me in for a reading this evening, and thank you for settling my mind.
This would be the fourth reading that I have had with you now, and I have to say that the previous three have been absolutely spot on. So much so that I have recommended you to many of my friends as I have been incredibly impressed. You truly are a gifted and wonderful person. Much love and light to you. Sue (Staffordshire)
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jannine, I have been searching for you on the internet and finally found you !  Im so glad!  I had my reading done by you a while ago but i lost your number. Please could you email me on information about your Reiki  A tunement and workshops i would like to get my Certificate in Reiki. I am doing all the things you said i would do , its brilliant , you were so accurate, it would be nice just to come for a chat and have another reading too . please let me know when you are free and i can book a session. I hope you are well and i look forward to hearing from you xx Love and Light Patsi xx 
Hello Janine,
I have to write to let you know, last time I came for a reading which I think was around November time, you told me that there would be a declaration of love. Yesterday I saw the man in my life and during the course of conversation asked him why he was going through the proccess of seeing me if he couldn't see his way to creating a situation whereby we can be together. His reply was because I love you, and I never say those words. How correct you were.So I feel a million dollars at the moment. Thankyou for your inspiration and giving me focus, see you soon .Regards Joy  Wales.
The healing was wonderful, we went for chicken in oswestry when you left as we didnt feel like cooking. i was so tired on the way home gary had to drive, i felt all floppy ... wonderful feeling and slept like a baby.Thank you so much Annette. Ponterobert.
 I just wanted to thank you very much for the reading - you know, you were very accurate. When do you think it is best that I should have another reading?
Many thanks,Best wishes,Di. Telford
house healing
) Hi Janine All seems good at home i cant believe how different i feel in there now, like you said it feels nicer more uplifted, i cant thank you enough.A.Griiffiths.-
(house healing)what a diference in the house and garage now the noises have stopped its lovely and peaceful again janine you have a wonderful gift . shelagh, Telford. 
was very sceptical when i came for a reading to  be honest, but within minutes of starting the reading and you said why can i see paving slabs around you i knew you were genuine, thanks so much i loved it. Annette Wales 
third reading with Janine and she has always been spot on, will be back in the summer for an update. Nina New Mills.
'The reading was spot on thanks for the help'  carole wrexham
'how could you have known those things'  theresa wales.
'helped me find direction ' helen London.
(house healing)'house feels calmer now thanks for the healing as well.' Zak and June  welshpool. 
I wanted to hear we would get back together but you said it would'nt happen!  and I would find someone else. I didnt want to hear that, but wow I am now in a good new relationship so thanks for helping me break the habit with the affirmation. b  Manchester,
'Brill readings helped a lot and so true' Jane Devon.
Thank you thank you, excellent and cheap as well feel motivated now.' Sarah Jones, Cardiff
thanks you for the insight it was really good to have so much clarity. Catrin, Talsarn
I have had many readings over the yrs and the one I had with you was amazing how you know so much is beyond me, i also found my wallet where you said it was thanks ,  Alan Leeds uk
hi janine just some feedback for your website, thanks for the reading you did for us all on fri night it was excellent and we will certaintly invite you back. Bronwen Abber.
It was worth the 2 hour journey to see you, and I certainly want another reading, Annie,  Bristol   
Just wanted to let you know, I have already had some news re Pregnancy and has been confirmed that my Sons partner has fallen pregnant and I had the news Friday evening. So I thought you would appreciate the Feedback so well done and Hope to speak with you again soon Best wishes Christine
I was sceptical when I had my readings but thought I would give it a go you made me believe again and gave facts you could not have known I will be in touch again. love vicky.
oh my goodness this person is good she did reiki on my horse and also told me things that I knew were true, I am now making advances in his training and I look forward to your next visit. susan Newtown.
my friend and I took photo's of our horses and had a reading, it was spot on, amazing someone can do this and so right as well even to his headcollar!! gillian and julie Pant Shropshire.
Hi Janine, Just like to thank you for doing the readings for me and Sue last week,we will definately book another reading in the future. Regards Ann

"Had two fab readings from Janine - she gives star signs - names - spot on.......very nice lady and helpful in giving the right advice" liz B. taunton
"had an early morning reading with this lady I was feeling very worried and down, what an inspiration I came off the phone feeling better and looking forward to the future. I jotted some things down and I would just like to say it is all spot on. brilliant thanks you."jamie , 47, Bevendon Brtghton uk
T hanks for the wonderful reading you where spot-on.i was blown a way and the imformation you gave me was os accuracy.thanks john healer."
john.v.jones., over 60, tywyn
Thank you for helping me see a new path....I was getting lost in the dark....may sound trite to some but you really did shine a light to show me the new path ahead.
Thank you with much love"
Claire, 44, southampton
thank you thank you janine you brought clarity into my life when everthing felt so dark, it is all going well now just as you predicted, i was not sure before about the psychic world but I am now i have now had 4 readings with janine she has the wow factor thanks, xxx "Sandra Sheilds, 39, England


Had a house clearing done and am amazed with the results and also the information that came throug h that only we knew about astonding and at last we can sleep in peace from all the goings on that were happening thanks janine. susan and jack welshpool
house clearing as worked thank you thank you thank you. Brian. mid wales
try this lady for any clearing of spirit s you dont want in your house she really can do it and in a short time as well. Pamela Hereford
Dec 09 If you have things that go bump in the night get Janine in she is the original ghost buster cheers babe. Alison C Yorkshire
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