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Tarot  and pip cards explained

What are the tarot cards?

The Tarot deck of cards consists of  78 cards, 4 suits of 14 cards, plus 22 trumps. The trumps have gained more recognition due to their more explicit detailing on the cards. Some of these are  `The Fool`, `The Lovers` and the  'Death' card.  These main cards are collectively referred to as the Major Arcana. These major cards became standardized by 1748, with the now well known Marseilles or 'classic' pack.  While the remaining 56 cards are collectively referred to as the Minor Arcana. The word Arcana meaning "secret". 

there are lots of Tarot cards around now and the choice is up to the individual.  

How do they work? 

 "How can a set of cards, produced enmasse, sold to anyone who wants to purchase them, possibly predict the future?" The answer, surprisingly, is they can't! 
It doesn't really matter which cards you use, or where they were made.  Of course most decks follow the tradition of the 78 cards, so are easy to work with. It's not the cards, or the design on them that holds the mystical answers, it's the way we tune into the cards.

Because the 78 cards all have accepted meanings, we can learn these meanings from the book provided.these relate to  the feelings and things that happen in our lives. to find answers we only need to put the cards in order.

This we do with the different spreads, such the Celtic Cross, five card spread etc. These are ways of laying out the cards to gain answers. The use of different spreads helps answer specific or time related questions. But how do we deal the right cards in the first place?  In the simple act of shuffling and cutting the cards  Our inner wisdom, and subconscious work together and bring forth the answers.  The proof is there in front of you,  Be open, and allow yourself to tune into the energy.

The art of  Tarot reading is based on interpretation and psychic insight. Simply turning the cards over and reading their face value could lead to the wrong information being given. Once we have put the cards in order, we call upon our psychic skills to lead us to the real problems that the cards may only hint at.

Our intuition of the dealt cards, has a significant impact on the result of the reading.  Tarot cards help focus the psychic's own abilities and help them tune-in to the events around the person who the reading is for. We may never know the exact reasons why they work, but the results speak for themselves.

Each of the cards may have different meanings depending on the context of what is being read, it is therefore important to be able to 'feel' which meaning is correct. The meaning of a card is also based on the chosen layout, these range from simple three cards to some  complicated spreads. The meaning can also be altered if the client lays a card face down or upside down!

Not all psychics will use Tarot,  it depends on what works for the individual. Although the cards may reveal a direction your life is taking, the psychic is able to pursue these feelings using his or her intuition to expand upon your current dilemma. This is similar to Psychometry  in that the initial problem or future event may be indicated by the cards, but the psychic instinctively feels the concern and is able advise using a combination of the both the cards and psychic skills. 


Pip cards are plain  playing cards have also long been used to make predictions, which is known as Cartomancy.    Using these cards just total psychic ability (channeling)is used to read from them. 


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